Sand Hill Crane & Duck Hunting

Guided Hunting Packages



- Guided Sand Hill Crane Hunt 

$300.00 Per Day Per hunter.

Groups of Four Hunters or less

No Lodging or Meals are provided.

$250.00 Per Day Per Hunter

Groups of Five to Eight Hunters.

No Lodging or Meals provided.

-Combination Guided Sand Hill Crane & Duck Hunt

This package offers one day of Guided Sand Hill Crane Hunting and One Day of Duck Hunting. Pricing is the same as the two day Sand Hill Crane Hunt listed above. 

$75.00 Per Day Per Hunter for Lodging 

$75.00 Per Day Per Hunter for Meals. 

Groups of Four Hunters or less would cost $600.00 for two days hunting. $150.00 for two days Lodging and $150.00 for Meals with a total of $900.00 per person. 

If the clients prefer to bring and cook their own meals, they can remove the meal option from their hunting package with lodging. 

Meals Schedule, for a typical weekend two day guided hunting package we provide one meal (Dinner) upon arrival Friday Evening and three meals Saturday (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) and one meal Sunday (Breakfast) for a total of five meals per person. We hunt Saturday & Sunday Morning with guest departure after the hunt is completed by Sunday early afternoon. Generally until limits are achieved or at 12 Noon on Sunday.  

50 Percent Advance Deposit Required to Reserve and to Book Date.      

( Non Refundable)

Advanced Booking Deposits are not refundable if the client cancels their hunting date reservations for any reason. If we as the outfitter cancel the hunting date, we will either return your deposit or credit you another hunt at our discretion.  If we return your hunting deposit monies, we hold back a $250.00 Booking Fee for Administrative Expenses.    

No credits for" broken party" hunts. Example, where only 3 of 5 hunters deposited show up, ect.  



Texas 2017-2018 Sandhill Crane Seasons 

- We Offer Early Season “Zone A” Guided Sandhill Crane Hunts. 

October 27th  2018- Jan 27th 2019

Zone A encompasses Far North West Texas and is made up of 103 Texas Counties. This special Sandhill Crane Hunting Zone opens four weeks ahead of the Zone B Crane Opener. 

Zone B Guided Sandhill Crane Hunts

November 23th 2018 to January 27th 2019

Zone B encompasses North and a section of central to middle Texas all the way down to San Antonio and is made up of 63 Texas Counties. 

For More Sandhill Crane Hunting Details Click This Link To the Texas Parks & Wildlife Website  

                 Sandhill Crane

Sandhill Crane

Video "Kill three, thats a rap". Sand Hill Crane Hunting

Guided Sand Hill Crane Hunting Video action with featuring Cash Parrish (Seasoned Crane Guide) in North West Texas.