Duck Hunting

Stock Tank Ducks with


We typically hunt the North West Texas area of the Rolling Plains flyway. What makes our duck hunting so special is that there are no Federal Wild Life Refugees located in our very own Central flyway from Canada to Texas. We feel this make a positive impact on the number of ducks available each season in our managed hunting areas. 

One of the biggest differences with our guided duck hunts is the annual Mallard Duck Migration we see happen each season over the entire North West Texas region. The Mallard Migration occurs around the middle of November and generally lasts until the first substantial freezing weather event. When this migration occurs, there are huge numbers of Mallard Ducks on nearly every spot of water that our managed properties hold. Limit duck hunting happens very quickly when these conditions occur and the fun factor is high.

Pintail Ducks Over The Decoys


The majority of our duck hunts occur over managed stock tanks/ponds. We manage these locations to make sure they are not over hunted or pressured. This is why some of our duck hunts occur anywhere over a seven county area of North West Texas. Our guide network is always scouting for bird concentrations all season long. We maintain year long conservation programs on all our managed hunting properties. This is done to ensure your group a great outdoor experience.  

Duck Hunters With Duck Harvest on Tail Gate

Several of our hunting guides are full time ranchers and farmers that work the very land we hunt on. Who is better to know where the game is, than a guy running farm equipment all year long and managing the land, conservation and livestock. While the area’s we hunt are a solid distance from all major cities. We feel the remoteness and rural feel of this North West Texas location, combined with its agricultural focus, make this a great area to build life long memories of good times in the field hunting Ducks.