The sandhillcranehunt.com Difference


We offer guided hunting for Sandhill Cranes and Ducks in the entire North West Texas Region. With a home base located in Truscott Texas. Our mission is to go where the birds are and deliver a great hunting experience. To this end, we offer Guided Crane Hunts in the Early Zone A section of Texas as well as the Zone B section of Texas Parks and Wildlife hunting regulations. Once we have scouted the birds and find their locations, we match our pre- booked hunting clients with the local lodging and meal options in each area we are hunting. (Restaurants and Hotels) 

Our Crane and Duck Hunting guides are carefully selected and matched to provide our Hunting clients with the best outdoors experience possible. Each guide is a seasoned professional hunting guide with years of hunting and client focused service experience.   

A typical Crane hunt involves an early morning breakfast followed by beginning the hunt one hour before sunrise. Our hunting clients typically help set up our Crane decoys and begin helping to set up our mobile Crane Blind. We prefer our clients involved in all phases of a successful Sand Hill Crane Hunt. It allows us to deploy the decoys and blind with less help in the field. The faster we set up and load out the gear after the hunt, the more time our clients have to travel. We do not wear our clients out by packing too much gear, we just ask for a little help to ensure a safe and productive experience. Sandhill cranes require far less decoys than your average goose hunt.   

Most of our duck hunts occur over managed stock tanks/ponds. We manage these locations to make sure they are not over hunted or pressured. Therefore, some of our duck hunts occur anywhere over a seven-county area of North West Texas. Our guide network is always scouting for bird concentrations all season long. We maintain yearlong conservation programs on all our managed hunting properties. This is done to ensure your group a great outdoor experience.