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Frequently Asked Questions



Frequently Asked Questions


1. What type of firearms do we use? 

- Answer, Shotguns only, 20 Gauge for smaller/lighter shooters. We prefer 12 Gauge in 3 Inch Magnum Chambers. 12 Gauge 3.5 Inch chambers are welcome, but not necessary for hunting Sand hill Cranes. We prefer semi auto shotguns because they help reduce the recoil of high performance ammunition. Some customers prefer double barrel and pump shotguns, which are ok. Should you have any firearm questions, feel free to ask your hunting guide. 

2. What type of ammunition do we use? 

- Answer, LEAD SHOT is legal to hunt Sand Hill Cranes. We recommend 12 Gauge 3 Inch Magnum #3 or #5 Shot size in LEAD SHOT. For STEEL SHOT we recommend 12 Gauge 3 Inch # 4’s of any quality brand shotgun ammunition. If you book a combination Duck Hunt with us, the law requires the use of STEEL SHOT Ammunition Only. So Steel Shot for Ducks and LEAD SHOT for Sand Hill Cranes. If LEAD SHOT is hard to find for sale in your area, just use STEEL SHOT for both your Crane and Duck Hunt. 

3. What type of hunting clothing do we recommend? 

- Answer, Camouflage hunting gear in layers. We hunt dry, sandy, agriculture fields with West Texas Red Dirt everywhere. Conditions are generally cold and sometimes a bit windy. We do hunt out of a heated and comfortable mobile blind. In short, it is good to dress for your average duck hunt, without waders or waterproof boots. Gloves, CAMO Hats, comfortable and warm pants, and a good warm hunting coat in Camouflage and warm boots, suited for walking in farming fields. Eye and Hearing Protection is always a good idea. If you are a first time hunter and you have no camouflage clothing yet, wear dark colors in shades of dark green, brown and or black. While in our mobile hunting blind you will be well concealed. 

4. Do we provide food or drinks while on the hunt? 

-Answer, No we do not provide food or drinks during the hunt. We recommend that you bring a coffee thermos, drinking water or your favorite beverage. All types of snacks are always a good idea to bring along. 

5. How Long does the Hunt last? 

-Answer, we start the hunt one hour before sunrise each morning, and end each hunt when we achieve a 3 Crane Per hunter Limit or until 12 Noon at the very latest. 

6. What are the Texas Parks and Wild Life license requirements for hunting Sand Hill Cranes and Ducks?

-Answer, For Cranes you need a free Sand hill Crane Stamp Endorsement on your Texas Hunting License. For Ducks you need a Federal Duck Stamp, A Migratory Game Bird Endorsement (State Duck Stamp) and must be HIP Certified on your Texas Hunting License. Also for most ages, you must also have a Texas Hunter Safety Course completed. For more details please consult the link below for more information.  


7. What type of hunting packages do you offer? 

-Answer, We offer guided Sand Hill Crane Hunting Only and a Combination Sand Hill Crane & Guided Duck hunt package. Available with or without lodging and meals. You can also purchase just a hunting and lodging package and provide your own meals. 

8. What Areas of North West Texas do you hunt in? 

-Answer, we hunt from The Northern Most part of the Texas Panhandle in areas like Amarillo & Lubbock, of the Texas Parks and Wildlife area Zone A section.  And Zone B sections of Texas like the general Baylor, Haskell, Wilbarger & Knox County areas down to the Wichita Falls area of North Texas.